What is

Gypsy Soul Entertainment? Founded in 2009, Gypsy Soul Entertainment is an artist development firm. Gypsy Soul Entertainment is comprised of two departments: Gypsy Soul Records, and Gypsy Soul Promotions. Gypsy Soul Records was founded to help develop the careers of like-minded artists. Stone River’s debut record was the first record to be released internationally under the label that year. Gypsy Soul Records artists are distributed by Fontana North. Today, Gypsy Soul is more than just a record label. It is also an artist collective who wants to give something back to the great music that has enhanced our lives and shaped who we are. Being on both sides of the industry provides us with an extra perspective and helps us keep our ears close to the ground. We go by our gut instincts and follow our hearts. We love what we do and we work very hard.

College Radio Over the years, Gypsy Soul Promotions promoted countless releases. We have worked with many artists, signed and unsigned, self released and indie labels. We at Gypsy Soul can help manage your project, create a targeted, efficient and feasible campaign based around your goals and put the artist and their project on the radar. Our main focus is Canadian and American college radio. We also service records to CBC and satellite radio. We develop a campaign based around the artists goals and budget, create a media kit and fire away. The targeted stations are solicited for airplay and feedback regarding the release. In addition to airplay and chart action, if the artist is on tour, we coordinate radio interviews and live performances.

Digital Media

We understand how hard it can be to stand out from the crowd. This is why we have a dedicated digital media team available to our artists. Our digital media department focuses on branding, custom web design, content creation and social media marketing. Our team are experts in branding and design. They will work with you to help create an online presence that reflects the art and the artist. There is always an audience. The hard part is finding and reaching out to that audience. Gypsy Soul Promotions can help you do exactly that.