Commercial radio couldn’t be less friendly to the independent musician whereas campus radio is very influential in breaking new artists. Regardless of genre, campus radio music directors, and DJs take on many different records that would not be considered suitable for airplay by commercial radio’s programmers. Whether it’s an EP or a full album, we can run regional, national and/or online radio campaigns for your project. Our campaigns run anywhere between 2-4 months depending on the target markets.

There are approximately 60 campus stations across Canada. About 50 of these stations are reporting stations. In Canada, campus radio charts are compiled by Earshot as opposed to CMJ. There is another major difference between American and Canadian campus radio stations. Canadian stations feature mostly Canadian artists. Our campaigns last anywhere between 2-4 months depending on the scope and type of the campaign. The first step is to make sure everything is in place. An updated website, integrated social media and continuity are very important. We start by creating a physical and digital media kit that will be mailed out to all 60 campus stations across Canada. From that point on, we follow up with music directors, program directors and specialty show’s DJs to make sure your music is heard and is being added to the library. In some cases, the album will be added to rotation right off the bat, in other cases, we will contact specialty show’s DJs and pitch the album that has been added to the station’s library. There are no guarantees that your record will receive airplay but we have never had a campaign where the artist received no airplay at all. This is due to our selection process. We only take on campaigns we feel are going to succeed. About %80 of our campaigns end up on the charts. There are monthly charts, weekly charts, and specialty charts comprised of Electronic, Hip Hop, International and Folk/Roots/Blues.


College radio is a unique mix of non-commercial stations that range from small student-run operations to huge, influential public and/or community stations. There are around 1000 campus radio stations in the United States. Some of these report to CMJ charts which are published weekly. CMJ stands for College Music Journal. College radio stations are non-commercial therefore their charts are more accessible than major commercial radio charts. CMJ has many charts including but not limited to Radio 200, AAA, Loud Rock, Hip Hop, New World and Jazz. Depending on the nature of the campaign, we can run a regional or national campaign, target a format or target certain stations along a tour route. We need anything from 100-200 CD’s for regional campaigns and 300+ for a national campaign. We create a media kit that contains your CD and a “One-Sheet” which has all sorts of relevant information for the music directors. These packages are mailed out to all targeted radio stations. Shortly after, we start the phone calls and emails. The campaign lasts 2-4 months depending on it’s scope and purpose.

CBC Radio is the radio operations of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The CBC operates a number of radio networks serving different audiences and programming niches. CBC Radio 2 broadcasts music arts and culture programming, including opera, classical music, jazz and theater. CBC Radio 3 operates a youth-oriented indie rock format on Internet radio and Sirius XM Radio. The CBC also operates two French language radio networks. Ici Musique and Bande  à part. We’ve had many artists chart on CBC Radio as well as receiving regular rotation on Radio 2 Drive and Radio 2 Morning. We usually package this campaign along with our Canadian college radio campaigns.

We understand how hard it can be to stand out from the crowd. This is why we have a dedicated digital media team available to our artists. Our digital media department focuses on branding, custom web design, content creation and social media marketing. Our team are experts in branding and design. They will work with you to help create an online presence that reflects the art and the artist. There is always an audience. The hard part is finding and reaching out to that audience. Gypsy Soul Promotions can help you do exactly that.

Many bands use social networking sites such as Facebook and ReverbNation as opposed to having their own website. If you’re an artist and truly serious about making it in the music industry, having your own domain name and website is an absolute must. An artist with their own website can have a much deeper connection with their fans and can easily target their own demographic through their website. A well designed website also adds credibility when it comes to reaching out to agents. We have built many websites for independent artists. If you do need a professional looking website, we can provide you with a number of websites we have built for you to take a look at.

First impressions are important when it comes to trying to market your music. There’s nothing worse than going to check out a bands website and seeing an outdated bio and a terrible looking logo. Branding is a very important marketing tool. If you care enough about your music and your art, your image and your branding should reflect who you are and what you do for your audience. Branding can help distinguish you from others. Consistent, aesthetic branding will engage recognition from your fan base. Our experienced design team can help your vision come to life through visuals. Custom album artwork, digital banners, logos, photography, digital design; anything you can visualize, we can create it.

Everyone by now understands the importance of Social Media. We can either run targeted Social Media Campaigns for you or teach you how to do it yourself.

Gypsy Soul Entertainment artists are distributed through Fontana North in Canada and through various distributors in Europe. We can help you get your music out there physically and digitally.